Aerostar operates a range of aircraft that are available for hire by private pilots. Hiring aircraft is ideal for pilots who do not want the on-going cost and regulatory burdens of aircraft ownership but want all the advantages that travel by private plane can bring. Please see our fleet information page for information on the aircraft types and prices.


Current from 01/01/18
Cessna 172S 4 seat – USI/USL/USM/USP/USQ
Training $330/hr.
Hire/Fly $265/hr
Cessna C182 4 seat – OBF
Training $435/hr.
Hire/Fly $349/hr
Beechcraft Baron 4 seat – CBG
Training Only $880/hr


Current from 01/01/18
Instructional charges
Hire instructor (own aircraft) $120/hr
Private theory tuition $65/hr
Landing Fees Parafield final landing only
PA28, C172, C172R, PA28R $21
C182, C182R, BE33 $24
Landing Fees Adelaide
Approach or overshoot $40
Landing or touch & go $85
Theory exams
PPL(A) $135
Flight test fees
Flight Review $120
RPL $250
PPL $720
NVFR $400
CPL $880
IFR Initial $550
IFR Renewal $330
Headsets and Lifejacket Hire
Headset $5 per day
Lifejacket $5 per day
1. All tests are in addition to aircraft hire/fly
2. All prices are GST inclusive unless stated