The Beechcraft Baron is a light twin-engined piston aircraft introduced in 1961. the Baron line is an offshoot of the Travel Air twin, which was largely a development of the Bonanza single. Since its inception, the Baron has always been near the top of the light airplane hierarchy and continues production to this day. The Baron design was 'overbuilt' offering added strength and integrity over the competion and providing for higher G load limits and turbulance penetration speeds.

Barons come in two basic types: the Baron 55(short body) and Baron 58 (long body), with several sub-variants each. The B55 model was introduced in 1964, and continued production through 1982. It featured four to six-seats, a new exterior scheme and interior design and a 120 lb increase in gross weight to 5,100 lb. The B55 is powered by two fuel-injected 260 hp Continental IO0470-L piston engined, gross weight of 5,100 lb for take-off and 4,900 lb for landing.

VH-CBG was built in 1978 and is fully capable of both VFR and IFR flight. It is used primarily for multi-engine endorsement and instrument training and charter.

Key Facts

Climb 107 KIAS (Vy)
Cruise 178 KIAS (ISA 4000ft @ 70% PWR)
Approach 90 KIAS
Take-off and Landing
Take off Distance Required 2150ft (ISA conditions)
Landing Distance Required 2100ft (ISA conditions)
Make Lycoming IO-470-L
Power 260 BHP
Fuel Consumption 110 Litres per hour @ 70% PWR
MTOW 5100 lb
MLW 4990 lb
BEW 3505.9 lb
Fuel 516 L usable
Seats 6
Baggage 400 lb aft cabin compartment, 120 lb Extended Rear Compartment, 300 lb Nose Compartment
Radio Garmin G500 PFD/MFD Garmin G500W Nav/Comm/GPS (IFR GPS) JP Instruments EDM-760 (Engine Data Management)